Operations has been decentralized into three (3) major Operational Districts namely:
I. Western District
II. Eastern District
III. Central District
(Please click the Operational Routes to identify the locations/areas within each district)

The three (3) Operational District are headed by District Coordinators.

Western District Coordinator
Contact Details:
Name: Mr. Essien Nsuabia
Email: u.nsuabia@lawma.gov.ng
Tel: 08023429152


Eastern District Coordinator
Contact Details:
Name: Mr. Juwon Akinyemi
Email: j.akinyemi@lawma.gov.ng
Tel: 0802062473

Central District Coordinator
Contact Details:
Name: Mr. Hussein Sulaiman
Email: h.sulaiman@lawma.gov.ng
Tel: 08024469800




Operations promotes a healthy environment by providing innovative and effective waste management and environmental protection services. The department provides the following service;

• Public collection
• Sanitation of Major highways and street sweeping activities
• Management of Transfer Loading Station
• Management of Existing Landfill Sites
• Development of policy initiative for future Waste Management activities
• Provide back–up services to Private Sectors Participants (PSP) on Waste Collection & Transportation
• Provide Emergency Services to the State Government where necessary
• Appraisal of proposal on Establishment of Waste Management facilities
• Establishment of performance standards on Waste Management activities
• Identification of sites for development of waste Management facilities
• Monitoring of Contractors activities and verification of service contracts