Resource Recovery and Recycling

Conserving the environment through resource re-use is one of the greatest challenges of social waste management.
LAWMA is therefore committed to educating and enlightening the people of LAGOS on relocating waste toward recovery, reuse and recycle instead of disposal.
LAWMA recovers reusable recyclable materials from landfill sites and generators towards achieving this cause. Items such as bottles, cans, glass bottles, metals, fabrics, plastic, nylon, cardboard and electrical equipment are collected for manual sorting and separation.
While the MRF at IGANDO also carry out separation and sorting at the faculty. Collected materials are baled and sent to countries who incorporate this in their production line, to produce a products.
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Plastic Recycling – Plastic in various forms constitute a large portion of waste received at our various disposal sites/MRF and we make effort to ensure they are adequately recovered for re-use and recycling purposes. Plastics such as HDPE sachets, shopping bags, juice and milk containers, PET bottles are collected at our sites by accredited resource manages, sorted and baled for transportation to manufacturing companies.
The availability of recycled plastics reduces the demand for virgin materials for plastic production process, thereby reducing production cost.

Papers & Cardboard – LAWMA recover paper and cardboard from Landfill sites, bale and supply to paper/tissue paper manufacturing companies. We also provide paper collection service to all types of commercial and industrial faculties.

Construction and Demolition Waste – Construction Demolition waste which most time consist of concrete, bricks, rubbles, tiles, cardboard and wood are collected by LAWMA from construction, renovation and demolition sites.

Special Destruction – LAWMA ensures secure disposal products, recalled products, contaminated products, labels, wraps. LAWMA ensure materials for special destruction and safety collected, transported and disposed/buried at to ensure such does not find their way into the market or consumed by the public.

E-waste Recycling – E-waste comprise of electrical and electronic items that are being discarded daily in the city of LAGOS. With advances in technology and introduction of letter, electrical/electronic gadgets coupled with the introduction of various mobile devices, there has been a surge in volume of e-waste. As a result of the harmful nature of this category of waste, LAWMA in conjunction with has commenced, a collection & recycling programme for electrical/electronic waste from source rather than allowing them being sent to the dumpsites.In addition, those disposed by individuals/co-mingledwith other waste and promptly /sorted dismantled and the recyclable component recovered for reuse or treatment.

Document Destruction – LAWMA is committed to provide reliable destruction of confidential and security document in a secure manner with the aim of protecting the comprise image and record. We ensure secure collection and destruction of sensitive document such as business records, office file, personnel records, CD and VCDs contract and tenders, medical and health records so on.

Organics Recovery – In partnership with healthcare, LAWMA collects organic waste from markets and industries for production of composite fertilizer. Thereby returning carbon and nutrients to the Nigerian soil.