Frequently Asked Questions


1.         What is CLI?

Cleaner Lagos Initiative


2.         Is the CLI backed up by law?

Yes, it is backed by the New Lagos State Environmental Management and Protection Law 2017


3.         When will it take effect?

It will fully take effect by 1st September, 2017.


4.         What is LAWMA’s role in CLI?

By the new initiative, LAWMA becomes a full regulatory body that will regulate, monitor and apply sanctions where necessary.


5.         What will happen to wastes in our homes?

Periodic waste evacuation continues across the state as the initiative is bound to make it more effective and more robust, thereby leading to a cleaner environment.


6.         What happens to the old PSP operators?

Their current activities will be critically examined and they will be accommodated and will handle purely Commercial Waste.


7.         Will LAWMA be responsible for bill generation and collection?

No, the Law stipulates that a Public Utility Levy account be created where all bills will be paid into.


8.         How do I practice effective waste management at home?

·        Sort your waste and bag them in different categories.

·        Bag your wastes at the point of generation while waiting for their evacuation.

·        Do not dispose your waste on the road because of the hazards they pose.


9.         How do I forward my complaints on service delivery?

As a regulatory body, LAWMA will accept complaints and call the erring operators to order so as to ensure good service delivery. Complaints can be made through phone calls, text messages, email and writing of letters or petitions.


10.      Will there be job losses as a result of this initiative?

No, there will be no job losses as adequate provision has been made to ensure that everybody is carried along in the initiative, including the old workers as they will be absorbed in the mainstream of the service.


11.      Who will manage the landfill sites as LAWMA is longer in charge?

The landfill sites have been concessioned to a private investor who will oversee their day-to-day operation and improve the condition of the sites by fully mechanizing the operations.


12.      What is LAWMA doing about recycling?

LAWMA under this initiative will ensure that licenses are given to credible recycling entities, who will take charge of recycling wastes generated in the state.


13.      How can I reach LAWMA and lodge complaints?

You can lodge your complaints via LAWMA toll-free lines, 07080601020 and 5577 or via our Twitter handle, @lawma_gov.


14.      Will the price of domestic waste collection increase as a result of the concession of waste management in the state to a private investor?

We will ensure that residents in the state are not taken advantage of in terms of the prices charged for waste collection and disposal.


15.      What is the name of the private investor that is driving the Cleaner Lagos Initiative (CLI) in Lagos State?


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How often will my waste be collected?


  1. Waste from residential premises is collected once in a week.


  1. Waste from Commercial premises is collected once or twice in a week, depending on the service level agreement
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What should I do if my waste pick-up is missed?

  1. Please contact your assigned PSP Operator via the phone number on your waste bill.
  2. Call LAWMA on the toll free customer care contact channels
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What should I do if I am not satisfied with the service rendered?

Kindly write to:

The Executive Chairman,

Lagos Waste Management Authority,

3, Otto Road Ijora Olopa


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What are the sources of municipal waste?


  1. Domestic waste
  2. Industrial waste
  • Market waste
  1. Medical waste
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What are some of the Lagos waste material composition?


  1. Household waste
  2. Textile
  • Construction/demolition waste
  1. Beverage content
  2. Plastic
  3. Metal
  • Glass
  • Organic waste
  1. Inorganic waste
  2. Paper
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Why should I sort my waste from source?

  1. Sorting of waste from source is one of the best ways citizens can contribute to ensure effective waste management.
  2. It is economical.
  • Reduces waste going to the landfill sites.
  1. Encourages reuse of materials.
  2. To avoid comingling of waste.
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How should I sort my waste?

  • A system of colour-coded bags has been initiated to assist in waste separation and disposal:


  2. Black trash bag – household waste


  2. Plastic – Blue trash bag
  3. Paper – Red trash bag
  4. Aluminum – Orange trash bag


  1. Medical waste, i.e. used cotton wool, gloves etc. – Yellow trash bag
  2. Pharmaceutical waste, i.e. expired drugs etc – Brown trash bag
  3. Highly pathogenic waste i.e. placenta, used drip bags, blood clothes etc. – Red trash bag
  4. Sharp objects ,i.e. needles, injections, blades etc – safety box


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What is the composition of recycled materials in comparison to the quality of virgin materials?

In order to achieve the highest quality grade of recyclables, the recyclable materials are mixed with virgin materials at a percentage of 60% recyclables and 40% virgin materials.

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What are some of the benefits of recycling?

  1. Saves time, energy and aides in the conservation of natural resources.
  2. Saves money.
  • Has economic value (e. means of livelihood)
  1. Serves as alternative energy.
  2. Reduces green house emission (e. reduces the effect of climate change)
  3. Gives new purpose to used items.
  • Reduces the amount of waste disposed at the landfill sites.


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