LAWMA is committed to developing a strong and cordial relationship with lagosians as well as continually enlightening the populace on proper and safe waste handling.
Stakeholders such as community development association, community development council, youth, private sectors partners, businesses, Non-governmental organizations, and so on are continuously engaged through meetings and forums.
Through the meeting and forums, we interact and also communicates valuable information and create awareness on LAWMA programs, projects, and faculties. We also use the opportunity to address the people’s problems and issueson waste management, as well as allow them provide input and suggestion on how to improve on our service.The meetings takes place atleast twice a day.
Monitoring and Advocacy: LAWMA monitors the activities of accredited private sector participants (PSP) with a view to access their level of service delivery and to also address all challenges promptly.
Advocacy is a daily routine where our advocacy team drive round the state to enlighten the people on LAWMA programs waste handling, containerization, sorting, building and tariff. In addition, the advocacy team also collects information on complaints and suggestions.