Hygiene is a set of practices performed for the preservation of health. Whereas in popular culture and parlance it can often mean mere cleanliness, hygiene in its fullest and original meaning goes beyond that. It includes all circumstances and practices, lifestyle issues, premises and commodities that engender a safe and healthy environment.

Home hygiene pertains to the hygienic practices that prevent or minimize disease and spreading of disease in homes and everyday life settings such as social settings, public transport, the work place, public places etc. Hygiene in homes and everyday life settings play important roles in preventing the spread of infectious diseases.

Residents should, always take proper precaution in making sure that their immediate environment is clean so as to avoid any environmental disaster.

Environmental disasters can generate large quantities of solid and liquid waste that threaten public health. This could include flooding and other environmental malaise, which could be very disastrous. It is pertinent, in other to avoid all this natural disasters that a proactive method should be taken in proper waste handling.

In today’s world where population is on the rise, in tandem with rapid commercial, business and industrialization growth, creation of waste material is a common phenomenon. These wastes are harmful to the environment and how you dispose them ultimately affect the environment.


1. Residents in the state should know that personal hygiene is very vital not only to their health and well-being but also to general public health; hence there is need to take seriously the issue of hygiene.

2. Residents should avoid acts that can compromise the environment such as disposal of wastes in unauthorized places, which can cause harm to the environment and people’s health.

3. Residents should know that unhealthy hygiene makes the environment vulnerable to dangers, increase in probability of natural disasters which are hazardous to human existence.

In a nutshell, personal hygiene practices should go beyond cleaning of our bodies, washing our hands before meals or going to toilet, covering our food when not eating it immediately and sweeping our homes, to include sweeping our surroundings and market environment, bagging and containerizing our bins for subsequent evacuation. It’s worthy to note that a healthy environment makes a healthy people. So let’s endeavour to keep our environment clean at all times. Keep Lagos clean!