About us



  • has 1157 staff strength to manage waste generated by about 22million people.
  • collects and transports domestic,commercial and medical waste through about 375 Private Service Participants (PSP).
  • Sweeps 325 routes (Highways and major streets) in the state through private service providers. Over 200 companies and 4,500 staff are in use.
  • Collects solid waste from Lagoons and Waterways through 53 Private Service Providers with 320 staff.
  • Collects all kinds of hazardous wastes for destruction.
  • Takes Care of waste in 1791 public schools within the 6 Educational Districts of the State.
  • Disposes about 7,000 Metric tons of Solid Waste per day in the Four(4) landfill sites across the State.
  • uses Four mechanical workshops (IDDO Central Workshop, Mushin, Ikeja and Ogudu)for the maintenance of fleets, light/heavy trucks, plants and other operational/ utility equipment.