LAWMA engages PwC for training on international best practices

In a bid to reposition the Authority to align with international best practices in waste management, Lagos Waste Management Authority (LAWMA) recently participated in a training programme organized by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), which was aimed at equipping management and staff as LAWMA assumes a full regulatory role.

The four-day interactive training programme which took place at LAWMA’s Headquarters, Ijora Olopa had in attendance both management and staff of the Authority.

Speaking at the event, the General Manager of LAWMA, Mr. Segun Adeniji said that the training would serve its purpose of equipping LAWMA workforce with the necessary skills and mindset to function as a regulatory agency.

The LAWMA boss stated that previously LAWMA was 98 percent into operation, but with the 2017 Lagos State Environmental Management and Protection Law coming into effect, the Authority transitioned into a full regulatory body.

Mr. Adeniji further informed that PricewaterhouseCoopers were engaged by the Lagos State Government to conduct the training targeted at repositioning LAWMA to carry out effectively its duties as a regulator of waste management in the State.

Mr. Sandeep Kota, Associate Director of PwC, during his presentations spoke on “Regulatory Impact Analysis” and “Waste Management International Best Practices”. He presented case studies of international best practices in waste management as obtainable in countries like Singapore, Germany and India.

Kota x-rayed some of the waste management challenges facing those countries and the systematic approaches they adopted to overcome them and how same can be applied in meeting the waste management needs in Lagos.

High point of the event was the division of participants at the training into six groups, with each group given a task to highlight the problems that LAWMA encountered during this transition period and to proffer workable solutions.