The Cleaner Lagos Initiative (CLI) is focused on improving the environment to make it cleaner, safer and healthier for all Lagosians by promoting a harmonised and holistic approach to the challenges; and as a result, improving operational efficiency.

The initiative is geared towards addressing, enforcing and regulating the challenges in the solid waste management systems within Lagos State, while also aiming to protect the environment, human health and social living standards of Lagos State residents.

CLI aims to deliver an innovative and sustainable waste management system that is comparable to other world-class megacities. The solid waste management system has been overhauled with the creation of new landfills, transfer loading stations, and material recovery facilities.

The mandate for the State is to have a cleaner megacity built to drive environmental and economic prosperity to all. With this, CLI has designed and developed an infrastructure and process built to meet the demands and objectives of waste management and sanitation in Lagos State, covering waste collection, processing and disposal. In addition, CLI will create over 27,000 direct jobs and a further 400,000 indirect jobs, contributing to improving socio-economic status and bettering the lives of our people.