Projects Department is the technical arm of the Authority concerned with the task of construction and maintenance of the facilities and infrastructures.
• Builders • Civil Engineers • Electrical Engineers • Architects
• Technologists (Refrigeration & Air conditioning)
• Scientific Officers • Quantity Surveyors • Town Planners
• Artisan – Masons, Plumbers, R & A, Carpenters & Electricians

Building Section:
Building/construction and maintenance of all LAWMA facilities and properties – construction of new Landfill Sites, Transfer Loading Stations (TLS) and Communal Waste Depots; Construction of Road Camps for Street Sweepers, Public Toilets and Car wash Centres; Repairs, Renovations and Rehabilitation of existing landfill sites and LAWMA Offices and/ Depots.

Civil Section:
Construction of new and rehabilitation of existing landfill roads. Electrical Section:
Installation, repair and general maintenance of electrical equipment and appliances in all the Authority’s offices and facilities.
Architectural Section:
Architectural and conceptual designs.

Refrigeration and Air conditioning Section:
Installation, repair and general maintenance of air-conditioners and refrigerators in all the Authority’s offices and depots.
Town Planning Section:
Selection of sites approvable under the Lagos State Town Planning Rules and Regulation for the implementation of the Authority’s projects; also the processing of approvals and documentation of the Authority’s properties in liaison with the appropriate government agencies. Lagos Metropolitan Development and Governance Projects (LMDGP)
Supervision of World Bank Assisted Project (LMGP) on solid waste management which includes rehabilitation of Olushosun landfill site, construction of Transfer Loading Stations; Communal Waste Depots and evacuation of backlog of refuse at illegal dumpsites across the state.
Waste to Wealth:
• Earth Care Compost Plant in Ikorodu
• Olushosun, Brown Kraft Collection
• Briquetting and Plastic Buy-back Program
• Household Waste Recycling
• General Duties and Responsibilities
• Provision of a conducive environment for all LAWMA staff regardless of the level or position for enhanced productivity.

General Duties and Responsibilities
• Provision for regular maintenance of all structures and properties just renovated.
• Provision of engineering support for TLS and landfill operators, ie, road repair, renovation and maintenance of buildings.
• Technical assistance for the implementation of World Bank assistance projects – LMDGP.
• Implementation of special engineering project such as construction of public toilets and car wash centers, rehabilitation of drainage channels, beautification and landscaping.
• Supervision of engineering works for the construction of new landfills and TLS. Facilitation of waste policy richness of the program of the Authority, including purchase – again in nylon briquettes non-biodegradable Kraft paper recycling, composting, etc.
Olusoshun Road Rehabilitation
Construction of Nursing Staff Headquarters
Building Auditorium in Ikeja PSP
Provision of infrastructure in the 3 landfills
Construction of new facilities of the integrated waste management in Epe
The supply of components for civil works for installing packs Block
The conversion of waste into compost in Ikorodu

Our technical Objective
Make Lagos clean at all times is our goal and this can be achieved through various infrastructure development projects have been executed, with many being built or upgraded to enhance the development of the infrastructure of the Authority, increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of its operational activities.
Among the projects is the provision and rehabilitation of infrastructure, landfills and landfills Olushosun other State.

Key Projects (Executed Projects)
Projects carried out:
Rehabilitation and infrastructure in landfill Olusosun
Rehabilitation and provision of infrastructure and EGBA Solous Abule-
Supply and installation of Pollution Control
Team Olushosun landfill
Simpson Renovation and improvement of waste
Load Transfer Station
Stabilization Ewu-LP landfill road
Supply of 3 Tana Landfill Compactors
Environmental and social impact assessment of all solid waste landfills and 2 TLS (Olushosun, Abule Egba and Solous)

Ongoing Projects:
The construction of the access road along the corridor LagBus ojota Total filling station
Construction of the highway network in three landfills Solous
The construction of the loading station Oshodi Waste Transfer
Construction of office buildings in the incineration plant Odaliki

The Proposed Projects:

Integrated waste management services in Epe
Construction of a new TLS Ijanikin
Construction of a new TLS Ogombo, Ajah
Coordination of the construction of the Landfill in Kesse, Badagry
All projects implemented by the Department of Projects are intended to improve and enhance the achievement of effective and efficient management of solid waste delivered to the population of Lagos. Indeed, the Department is not resting on their oars in the search and adaptation of modern technologies to deliver the changes in your stationery.