Monitoring & Advocacy

The Lagos Waste Management Authority Monitoring and Advocacy unit is charged with the responsibility of ensuring regular monitoring of the State of the Environment and promotes strict compliance by the citizenry of Lagos State. It is also charged with the responsibility of enlightening the public especiallly market men and women on the best environmental practices in their areas.

Its activities involves, but not limited to the following;
Monitoring of the State of the Environment;
Preparation of daily monitoring reports;
Monitoring of the State Approved PSP Operators;
Issuance of Sanitation Alarms to Government Agencies, Public Communities and other Stakeholders;
Market Monitoring;
LAWMA Monitoring;
Investigations on received Public Complaints relating to issues affecting the State of the environment;
Issuance of Abatement Notices;
Enforcement of Sanitation Laws of the State;
Weekly enforcement report and pictorial representations;
Holding mediation meetings between aggrieved parties from public and private sectors;
Document and data generation.

(A) This Unit ensures daily monitoring of highways and roads for
Illegal Refuse dumps
Illegal Refuse littering
Illegal shanties on road setback
Illegal street trading
Blocked drains
Overgrown weeds
Dead bodies
Road accidents
Burst water pipes
All other nuisances

• Preparation of daily monitoring report and pictorial representation.
• Weekly collation of reports and pictorial representation
• Issuance of Sanitation Alarm on the Authority, Government Agencies, Public Communities and other Stakeholders.

(B) Market Monitoring
Monitoring of various markets within the State on weekly basis to enlighten market men and women on how to sanitize their environment and also monitoring of Market Environmental Sanitation exercise in line with the State regulations.

(C) Documentation and Data Generation
Covering of meetings and preparation of minutes.
Raising memos for the MD’s approval on matters in the Department.