The financial health of every organisation matters; this is the department responsible for the day-to-day financial activities of every department and unit.


• Financial Management of LAWMA and General Administration of the Accounts Department
• Budget preparation and monitoring in conjunction with the planning, research and statistic division
• Final Account
• General Accounts
• Revenue Accounts: Debtors Ledger
• Budget and Stock Accounts and
• Preparation of the Analysis of Daily, Weekly and Monthly home and Expenditure
• Coordinating of the Annual stock exercise
• Preparation of the Trial Balance on a monthly basis
• Check and approved payroll monthly
• Cross checking the accuracy of the monthly:
(a) Salaries Analysis
(b) Salaries and Cash S.J.V
• Checking and approves monthly returns accordingly
• Ensuring at all times proper internal control are in place to forestall any loopholes
• Ensuring prompt preparation of monthly salaries
• General administration of both the wages personnel and its entire operation