Cleaner Lagos Initiative

The Lagos State Government (the State) have focused on tackling and solving the piling issues, in order to meet with the growing demands of Lagos State residents. Efforts have been pushed towards sanitation and the environment, due to poor waste management and sanitation practices across the State, which has led to a series of negative multiplier effects, including affecting the health of the people.

With a focus on tackling and improving the State’s waste management process in a phased, strategic and efficient manner, the goal is to better and improve the lives of the people of the State, and to have a cleaner Lagos for generations to come. To this end, the State developed the Cleaner Lagos Initiative (CLI) geared to meeting the current and future sanitation demands, and to reform and transform the landscape of Lagos State, where the Lagos Waste Management Authority (LAWMA) will serve as an empowered regulatory body.

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